• AgWorks specializes in the development and support of web-based, business solutionsWe can help your business generate sustainable competitive advantage by developing innovative products and services that open new markets, improve customer service, and simplify complex workflows.
  • Map-Based Reporting ServicesAgWorks can help you integrate mapping technology into your core processing systems. Features include extensive USDA CIMS integration, map-based Acreage and Production Reporting forms, robust digitation tools, import of boundaries taken from third-party devices, and display of historical weather.
  • Systems designed to support the crop insurance industry We provide an ag-based portal site (including real-time quotes and spot-based pricing), map-based reporting services, and extensive data warehousing solutions.


What's the biggest gap in crop systems today?

CLU-based mapping - 20%
Quoting systems designed to help farmers make better - 20%
In-field, crop loss adjustment systems - 30%
Systems customized for specialty crops/products - 30%

Our mapping module is a web-based solution that provides agents and company employees with real-time access to map-based insurance policies and Acreage and Production Reporting forms, field-level planting and harvest information, and numerous map creation and printing functions. We have the features agents need to build and manage map-driven policies, including tools to create a CLU-based map from CIMS requests, digitize planting and harvest areas, measure distance and area, perform geographic queries, and import and export data and attributes from industry-standard shapefiles.

Call us to find out how easy it can be for agents and company employees to automap an insured’s policy.  We have integrated the legal descriptions defined by acreage unit with current CIMS data provided by RMA to greatly simplify the map-based reporting process.

Map-based reporting and policy management is no longer just a marketing advantage.  It is no longer something agents do for larger customers.  We bring the efficiencies companies need to process entire books of business and meet current RMA reporting requirements.